"When East Meets West" Set Rental


For Pre-Wedding / Bridal Solo / Anniversary



- Chinese style table runner x 1

- Blue and white porcelain bottles and flower vases with silk flowers x 8  (including small, medium and large)

- Blue and white porcelain cake stand x 1

- Blue and white porcelain chargers (1 medium, 1 large) x 1-2 set(s)

- Blue and white porcelain chopstick x 1-2 pair(s)

- Blue and white porcelain candle holder with candle (cannot be lightened) x 1

- Cutleries (1 knife, 1 fork) x 1-2 set(s)

- Wine glass x 1-2

- Chinese style wooden cake stand x 1


*3 days 2 nights (can be discussed based on our schedule).

*Self-pick up and return.

*On-site set up service is also available for order.


Please contact us for the prices and more details.


"When East Meets West" Style Set